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  • 10 mins Former top cop Nick Bingham on the ‘unpleasant’ jobs he can’t forget DailyTelegraph |NSW
    Former top cop Nick Bingham on the 'unpleasant' jobs he can't forget. ... more
  • 10 mins I was becoming quite emotional: Former top cop Nick Bingham on PTSD DailyTelegraph |NSW
    I was becoming quite emotional: Former top cop Nick Bingham on PTSD. ... more
  • 12 mins Surge in interest sees Cremorne semi sell in a week DailyTelegraph |Local
    While the election affected auctions on the weekend, it didn’t stop a three-bedroom semi from selling in only eight days. ... more
  • 12 mins Council recognised as small business friendly DailyTelegraph |Local
    Camden Council has been recognised by the NSW Government for offering the Easy to do Business Program to local businesses. ... more
  • 13 mins Holiday risks for kids with diabetes DailyTelegraph |Ls
    Holiday fun and weekend distractions cause a dangerous drop-off in children and teens with type 1 diabetes taking their medication, a University of Adelaide study shows. ... more
  • 13 mins Sam’s incredible 10kg weight loss DailyTelegraph |Ls
    Sunrise host Samantha Armytage says she never set out to lose weight. ... more
  • 13 mins Ivan Milat’s secret life in Supermax DailyTelegraph |Ls
    EXCLUSIVE ... more
  • 13 mins Jen Hawkins shares pregnancy struggle DailyTelegraph |Ls
    Aussie model Jen Hawkins has received some pregnancy pointers from her celebrity mates after she posted online about her morning sickness. ... more
  • 18 mins No More Grumpy Cat? Grumpy Cow Takes the Throne DailyTelegraph
    A cow at the Wilsonview Dairy farm in Tillamook, Oregon, has captured the attention of thousands with her grumpy expression. Video by Derrick Josi, a farmer and blogger, shows cow “1985” giving him the “mean mug”. Credit: Instagram/TDF Honest Farming (Facebook via Storyful) ... more
  • 18 mins Rare meteor sighting across VIC and SA DailyTelegraph
    Hundreds of people across Victoria and South Australia have witnessed a fireball that lit up the night sky. Experts say the meteor burned up as it entered the earth's atmosphere. ... more
  • 18 mins Retirement system is ‘overlooked’ and ‘breaking down at edges’ DailyTelegraph
    Ian Henschke from National Seniors Australia says Australia’s retirement system is ‘overlooked’ and ‘breaking down on the edges’ but cannot be anymore. Mr Henschke is calling for reliability, consistency, fairness and sustainability in the system, asking for bipartisan cooperation like that seen for mental health and disability. Speaking to Sky News, Mr Henschke says one in three voters is now aged over 60, and that of the group, one in three women on the pension living in poverty. ... more
  • 18 mins Mancunians Observe Minute’s Silence on Second Anniversary of Arena Attack DailyTelegraph
    People gathered in central Manchester on May 22 observed a minute’s silence in memory of those killed and injured in the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, on the second anniversary of the attack. The suicide attack killed 22 people and injured many more, during an Ariana Grande concert in the MEN Manchester Arena. Credit: Manchester City Council via Storyful ... more
  • 18 mins Adani is ‘totemic conservation issue of our times’ DailyTelegraph
    Sky News host Peter Gleeson says controversial coalmine Adani has become the ‘totemic conservation issue of our times’, that has the same symbolism as saving the Franklin dam ‘for the Greenies’. Mr Gleeson says radical left-wing Labor MP Treasurer Jackie Trad has become the ‘cheerleader in chief’ for stopping the mine, ‘galvanising her leftie mates’ and keeping the Greens ‘on side’ to ‘wield her unbridled power’. Mr Gleeson says the poor Labor performance of the recent federal election has proven regional Queensland wants jobs and coal, and the silver lining for Queensland is that ‘Trad’s authority is now dead’. Image: ... more
  • 18 mins Queenslanders ‘not embarrassed’ to be coalminers DailyTelegraph
    Adani CEO Lucas Dow says Queenslanders are ‘not embarrassed’ to be coalminers, and that Bob brown’s tour through the state was met with animosity and frustration, galvanising people to push for coal in their federal vote. Speaking to Sky News, Mr Dow says while he is ‘heartened by Queensland Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk’s promise to deliver an Adani timeline, he wants the approval documents within the next two weeks to prove it’s not a political stunt or delaying tactic. Mr Dow says it would have been ‘tin-eared’ from the Premier to not respond to the federal vote against Labor in this ... more
  • 2 hours Water’s edge showstopper DailyTelegraph
    SOME things change, others stay the same. ... more
  • 2 hours Liberals should distance themselves from Abbott after ‘failed’ conservative push DailyTelegraph
    Former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer is reportedly urging the Coalition to appoint Tony Abbott as Australia's Envoy to the Vatican. Western Australia Senator Ahron Stonehouse says the Liberal party should distance themselves from the former prime minister. Mr Stonehouse says Mr Abbott had his chance to push ‘his brand of conservatism’ but failed, and the party should not have to be constantly reminded of his failed conservative push in the Australian political landscape. Image: News Corp Australia ... more
  • 2 hours Who is Anthony Albanese? DailyTelegraph
    He’s the working-class, rock-star Labor MP whose 1980s university selfie saw him branded “hot Albo”, but has long been labelled “too left” to lead the party. ... more
  • 2 hours Help needed to give a feed DailyTelegraph
    EACH week, dedicated Foodbank volunteers selflessly give up their time to feed more than 60 people in Geelong. ... more
  • 2 hours Police Rescue Fox Cub Trapped at Construction Site DailyTelegraph
    Police in Princeton, New Jersey, have credited a local animal control officer with the rescue of an injured fox cub trapped at a construction site. The little creature fell into an under-construction basement area, where it likely sustained its injury, and was unable to get out. Jim Ferry, an animal control officer with the local government, was dispatched to the scene and managed to capture the cub. Police said the fox cub was found to have a broken leg and was sent for treatment to Mercer County Wildlife Center. Credit: Princeton Police Department, New Jersey via Storyful ... more
  • 2 hours Tulsa Firefighters Rescue Man Trapped in Home by Falling Tree DailyTelegraph
    Crew members with the Tulsa Fire Department worked to free a man trapped by a tree that had fallen on his home during storms on May 21. The National Weather Service had warned of potential tornadoes in the area. The fire department said the man’s neighbor heard him calling for help and alerted them. The man was only lightly injured, the department said. “Power lines are down in multiple places in Tulsa. Please pay close attention to your surroundings and be careful,” the department added. Credit: Tulsa Fire Department via Storyful ... more
  • 2 hours Oklahoma Firefighters Rescue Driver Clinging to Fence After Car Swept Into ‘Raging Water’ DailyTelegraph
    A crew from the Broken Arrow Fire Department responded to a report in the early hours of May 21 of a vehicle that had been swept away by floodwater. They arrived to find a man “clinging to a fence post and unable to escape the raging water.” Firefighter Robert Goode used a rope to get to the man, and give him a flotation device. Goode was then able to help the man to safety. The man told firefighters he had been clinging to the post for nearly five hours before a passer-by heard his cry for help and alerted authorities. ... more
  • 4 hours Workers’ revenge on billionaire boss DailyTelegraph |World
    The entire political staff at one of Russia’s most prominent newspapers resigned on Monday in protest against its billionaire publisher — who reportedly ordered the firing of two journalists after they wrote an article about President Putin’s close allies. ... more
  • 4 hours Things are about to get much worse DailyTelegraph |World
    British Prime Minister Theresa May must have thought her situation couldn’t possibly get any worse. ... more
  • 4 hours Why Mailchimp CEO Ben Chestnut prefers sticky notes to PowerPoints DailyTelegraph |World
    How CEO Ben Chestnut leveraged creativity to grow Mailchimp. ... more
  • 4 hours NZ parliamentary staffer sacked over sex allegations DailyTelegraph |World
    A parliamentary staffer has been stood down in New Zealand over an historical sexual assault allegation. The alleged victim came forward to her manager today after the speaker of the house claimed that an unidentified serial rapist could be working in parliament. Trevor Mallard made his comments following a damning report into parliament's workplace culture, which included three claims of serious sexual assault. An employment investigation is underway, and the speaker says it's up to the woman involved to refer the matter to police if she wishes to do so. ... more
  • 4 hours China’s icy reaction to ScoMo’s win DailyTelegraph |World
    World leaders from Donald Trump to Benjamin Netanyahu may be singing Scott Morrison’s praises in the wake of his surprise election win, but China’s response has been less congratulatory. ... more
  • 4 hours Three 2020 Democratic Candidates to Keep an Eye On DailyTelegraph |World
    The Democratic field for the 2020 presidential election has already swelled to its largest ever, with 23 major candidates. While Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are leading the pack at this early stage, WSJ's Gerald F. Seib says there are three other hopefuls worth watching. Photos: Getty ... more
  • 4 hours Six dead, 200 injured in Jakarta clashes DailyTelegraph |World
    Jakarta's governor says six people have been killed and 200 injured during protests on the downtown streets of Indonesia's capital. Violence erupted following allegations of widespread 'cheating' in the latest election, which resulted in the re-election of President Joko Widodo. ... more
  • 4 hours Dad’s heartbreaking wish after massacre DailyTelegraph |Ent
    Walter Mikac, whose wife and two daughters were shot and killed in the Port Arthur massacre, has revealed the heartbreaking wish he had on that horrific day in 1996. ... more
  • 4 hours Staggering absences for GoT finale DailyTelegraph |Ent
    If it felt like Game of Thrones fever was in full force on Monday, you were not wrong. ... more
  • 4 hours Star slams ‘creepy’ dating claims DailyTelegraph |Ent
    Hollywood star Natalie Portman has lashed out at “creepy” US singer Moby after he revealed they had briefly dated in 2001. ... more
  • 4 hours GoT boss kills spin-off show idea DailyTelegraph |Ent
    SPOILER WARNING. This story discusses Game of Thrones’ series finale — if you haven’t watched the episode stop reading now. ... more
  • 4 hours Famous joke movie star regrets DailyTelegraph |Ent
    It was the movie that shot him to stardom, but Seth Rogen has one regret about starring in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. ... more
  • 4 hours ‘There will be conflict’: Huawei founder’s warning DailyTelegraph |Biz
    The founder of Huawei has warned “there will be conflict” with the US and its goal to “stand on top of the world”. ... more
  • 4 hours Workers’ revenge on billionaire boss DailyTelegraph |Biz
    The entire political staff at one of Russia’s most prominent newspapers resigned on Monday in protest against its billionaire publisher — who reportedly ordered the firing of two journalists after they wrote an article about President Putin’s close allies. ... more
  • 4 hours New release blocks going, going … gone DailyTelegraph
    A NEW land release in Hobart’s northern suburbs has hit the ground running with stage one sold out before it officially hit the market. ... more
  • 4 hours It will be ‘disappointing’ for the RBA to cut rates DailyTelegraph
    Dr Andrew Stone says he thinks it is ‘surprising and disappointing’ that the Reserve Bank of Australia has signalled ‘so bluntly and so quickly’ after the election that it intends to cut interest rates. This week RBA governor Philip Lowe said the central bank is considering decreasing the cash rate, which has remained at a record low of 1.5 per cent since August 2016. Dr Stone, who served as chief economist during Tony Abbott's tenure as PM, says he thinks it’s ‘unfortunate’ timing for the announcement. Image: News Corp Australia ... more
  • 4 hours Abortion-Rights Rally Draws Counterprotesters to Ohio Statehouse DailyTelegraph
    Anti-abortion rights activists staged a counter-demonstration outside the Ohio Statehouse on May 21, in reaction to “stop the bans” rallies being held in the city and across the US in response to recent restrictive legislation in a number of states. Elsewhere on the same day, abortion-rights activists gathered in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Texas, and at the Supreme Court in Washington. Credit: Created Equal via Storyful ... more
  • 4 hours Alberta Town of High Level Evacuated as Wildfire Looms DailyTelegraph
    An evacuation order for the Alberta town of High Level was issued on May 20 as the nearby Chuckegg Creek wildfire continued to burn out of control. Around 5,000 people from the town, and neighboring First Nations communities, had to leave, the Globe and Mail said. The fire, rated at the highest danger level and expected to worsen, had burned some 800 square kilometers, or 300 square miles, by May 21. The premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney, flew over the fire and said the government “will be here to help”. Credit: Lahiru Siriwardena via Storyful ... more
  • 4 hours Dad’s heartbreaking wish after massacre DailyTelegraph
    Walter Mikac, whose wife and two daughters were shot and killed in the Port Arthur massacre, has revealed the heartbreaking wish he had on that horrific day in 1996. ... more
  • 4 hours Fast News: Today’s top stories DailyTelegraph
    Albanese favourite to be Labor leader, Qld Premier wants progress on Adani, and convicted NSW paedophile back in jail. ... more
  • 4 hours Japan Taxi has become a pricey Olympic symbol DailyTelegraph
    Toyota Motor’s Japan Taxi, born in a government committee and designed to be an all-things-to-all-people cab, has become a high-priced icon of Tokyo’s budget-busting 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The company says it's a money losing project. Grace Lee reports. ... more
  • 6 hours China’s icy reaction to ScoMo’s win DailyTelegraph
    World leaders from Donald Trump to Benjamin Netanyahu may be singing Scott Morrison’s praises in the wake of his surprise election win, but China’s response has been less congratulatory. ... more
  • 6 hours Wisconsin Police Warn Public to Beware of Roaming Black Bear DailyTelegraph
    Police in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, warned members of the public to beware of a black bear roaming around the town on Tuesday, May 21. Footage released via Facebook shows a black bear strolling across Boyd Park, in Eau Claire. As well as the park, police said the bear was spotted around Starr Avenue, Omaha Street, Mount Tom. Police said most black bears just wander through and generally don’t cause danger. “Fatal black bear attacks are extremely rare. The best way to avoid any issues with the black bear(s) is to not feed them. Please put away your garbage, or food ... more
  • 6 hours World’s leading tech experts examine AI at IBM Think Summit DailyTelegraph
    Some of the world's leading tech experts have gathered in Sydney for the IBM Think Summit. The event is focussing on practical ways Australians can use emerging technologies to realise their ambitions and instigate change in enterprise. IBM's Anthony Farah told Sky News that the summit will focus on the ethical standards posed by artificial intelligence. ... more
  • 6 hours Qld Premier ‘hit the panic button’ on Adani DailyTelegraph
    Sky News host Andrew Bolt says Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk ‘hit the panic button’ when announcing she would demand action on the Adani coal mine project. On Wednesday Ms Palaszczuk vowed to give Adani a timeline on approval decisions as the mining giant continues to pressure the state government for full support. Mr Bolt says Adani has been ‘the biggest target’ for the global warming movement, but the federal election result has showed that activists against the mine do not speak for Queenslanders. Image: News Corp Australia ... more
  • 6 hours FILE: Chaotic Scenes as Bomb Explodes During Ariana Grande Show at Manchester Arena DailyTelegraph
    Police in Manchester responded to unconfirmed reports of loud bangs in Manchester Arena on May 22. American pop singer Ariana Grande was performing at the time. The venue and the station were evacuated. The nature of the incident was unclear at the time of writing, and no injuries had been reported. However, a local reporter at the scene said people had left he Manchester Arena ‘covered in blood.’ The video here shows chaotic scenes inside the concert arena, as attendees began to move towards exits. Credit: Twitter/hannawwh via Storyful ... more
  • 6 hours Police Helicopter Rescues Woman Whose Car Fell 150 Yards Down Napa County Cliff DailyTelegraph
    A 20-year-old woman survived a harrowing ordeal after her car “flew” 150 yards off a cliff in Napa County, California, on Tuesday, May 21. California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers responded to a report shortly after 9:00 am that a car had fallen about 150 yards down a cliff on Monticello Road in Napa County. According to the CHP, a highway patrol helicopter, Napa firefighters, CALFIRE, and other authorities responded to the incident. CHP said they lowered a paramedic to the vehicle with a hoist in what they described as a “lengthy extrication from the vehicle". Footage posted by the CHP ... more
  • 6 hours Shark feeding frenzy captured in epic drone footage DailyTelegraph
    Wildlife photographer Alex Kydd captured this amazing footage of a shark feeding frenzy at Ningaloo Reef off Western Australia. ... more
  • 6 hours Albo “confident, but not complacent” says he has caucus DailyTelegraph
    May 22, 2019. Anthony Albanese speaks to reporters in Sydney after contender Chris Bowen pulled out of the race for the Labor leadership. Mr Albanese says he has support from the majority of the Labor caucus. “I am confident, but not complacent, about being able to succeed if another candidate comes forward," he says. “If they do, as is their right, we will have a respectful debate." (AAP Video/Michael Wade) ... more
  • 6 hours Adani ‘debacle’ will not see Palaszczuk ‘last as Premier’ DailyTelegraph
    The Courier-Mail National Political Editor Renee Viellaris says she does not think Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will 'last as Premier' as people will 'see through' action she takes moving forward on the Adani 'debacle'. Ms Palaszczuk has vowed to give Adani coal mine a timeline on approval decisions by Friday, as the mining giant continues to pressure the state government for full support. Speaking to Sky News, Ms Viellaris says Labor must ‘go back to their roots’ and have forgotten who they used to represent. Image: News Corp Australia ... more
  • 6 hours No policy on the run, Albo won’t be “obsessed” with 24-hour news cycle DailyTelegraph
    May 22, 2019. Anthony Albanese speaks to reporters in Sydney after contender Chris Bowen pulled out of the race for the Labor leadership. Mr Albanese insists that should he win a ballot as the next Labor leader he won't be making "policy on the run". "I'll be talking directly to party members about my views about a whole range of issues," he says. "I won't be obsessed the 24-hour media cycle." (AAP Video/Michael Wade) . (AAP Video/Michael Wade) ... more
  • 8 hours Sydney’s biggest festival of the year: what you need to know DailyTelegraph |NSW
    It has been compared to Nevada’s mind-blowing Burning Man festival — now in its 11th year, Vivid Sydney is about to kick off. ... more
  • 8 hours Hamilton the musical is coming to Sydney DailyTelegraph |NSW
    The world’s biggest musical since Cats! is heading to Sydney’s Lyric Theatre in March 2021. ... more
  • 8 hours TV mogul Reg Grundy’s ‘love child’ DailyTelegraph |NSW
    The man who claims to be the long lost son of late TV King Reg Grundy has appeared at court for the first time. ... more
  • 8 hours Second man in court over large-scale drug supply syndicate DailyTelegraph |NSW
    A man will face court today charged after three people were arrested over their alleged roles in a large-scale prohibited drug supply syndicate in Sydney’s north west. ... more
  • 8 hours Police smash alleged NDIS scam DailyTelegraph |NSW
    Federal police have smashed what they claim was a brazen scam which exploited disabled people in Sydney to steal at least $1.1 million from the National Disability Insurance Scheme. ... more
  • 8 hours Surgeon Zion Chan faces loss in Point Piper DailyTelegraph |Local
    One of Australia’s top cosmetic surgeons, Dr Zion Chan, no longer able to work after a serious car accident, has been forced to sell the Point Piper home he bought for $2.3 million last March after he defaulted on his mortgage. ... more
  • 8 hours ‘Howzat’ says Pitt Town agent DailyTelegraph |Local
    A near completed home at Pitt Town, which recently sold for $1.7875m, formed part of a hat trick of transactions for one real estate agent. ... more
  • 8 hours Alberto D’Agostino admitted to stealing from a northern beaches restaurant. DailyTelegraph |Local
    Alberto D’Agostino admitted to stealing from a northern beaches restaurant. ... more
  • 8 hours Modern living on offer for retirees DailyTelegraph |Local
    Much like young couples and growing families, older residents are being drawn to stylish new residences hitting the market across Sydney. ... more
  • 8 hours A home fit for a prime minister DailyTelegraph |Local
    The Wimbledon-style grass tennis court wasn’t here when this was the home of Sir William McMahon, who served as Prime Minister between 1971 and 1972. ... more
  • 8 hours Commuters heading to The Ponds DailyTelegraph |Local
    THE first stop on the upcoming Sydney Metro Northwest is attracting strong interest from first homebuyers looking for affordability in a central location. ... more
  • 8 hours Loved-up pair celebrate property win DailyTelegraph |Local
    Cheers echoed through a residential street in western Sydney over the weekend as young house hunters secured their first home. ... more
  • 8 hours Two suburbs buck the downward market trend DailyTelegraph |Local
    If there were MasterChef Australia-style immunity pins for suburbs that have fared well in a falling real estate market, two locals would be in the running. ... more
  • 8 hours Vacant block ‘as rare as hen’s teeth’ DailyTelegraph |Local
    A vacant block of land that has been held by the same family since 1913 has hit the market, giving buyers in the inner west a rare opportunity to build their dream home. ... more
  • 8 hours Big change to Macca’s burgers DailyTelegraph |Ls
    If you’re a huge fan of Macca’s and the way they serve their burgers, you might want to stop reading now. ... more
  • 8 hours Model accidentally shares X-rated photo DailyTelegraph |Ls
    An Australian model has accidentally given fans more than he planned when he shared a nude photograph of himself on social media. ... more
  • 8 hours Cancer con spotted wearing diamonds DailyTelegraph |Ls
    It was just a week ago that Belle Gibson told a Melbourne court she had no money to pay the $410,000 fine she copped for being a fraud. ... more
  • 8 hours How to save for your first home faster DailyTelegraph |Ls
    There was one group of certain winners from the weekend’s Federal election: First home buyers. ... more
  • 8 hours Coke brings back biggest ‘flop’ DailyTelegraph |Ls
    Coca-Cola drinkers will get a chance to relive one of the company’s darker chapters as New Coke makes a comeback under a partnership with the Netflix drama Stranger Things, the companies announced. ... more
  • 8 hours Aldi’s sellout $6 item ‘back on shelves’ DailyTelegraph |Ls
    Cheese lovers are about to lose their minds. ... more
  • 8 hours Accused pelican torturer faces court DailyTelegraph |Ls
    A 72-year-old woman accused of abducting a pelican, mutilating a magpie and torturing animals including a dog and a rabbit has said she is “shocked” by the allegations. ... more
  • 8 hours Horror at rapist’s Facebook ‘confession’ DailyTelegraph |Ls
    A woman has revealed how a man raped her in her sleep and “confessed” to the crime on Facebook — but he won’t face charges. ... more
  • 8 hours Three people injured in Kakadu helicopter crash DailyTelegraph
    Three people have been seriously injured in a helicopter crash in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. The trio were taking part in an aerial feral animal cull at the park and are now in a serious condition at Darwin Hospital. Image: News Corp Australia ... more
  • 8 hours Riots Break Out in Jakarta Following Incumbent’s Victory in Presidential Election DailyTelegraph
    Riots broke out in Jakarta on May 21, following confirmation that President Joko Widodo had been victorious in Indonesia’s recent presidential election. Widodo took 55.5 percent of the vote, according to the Electoral Commission, with challenger Prabowo Subianto on 44.5 percent. Subianto has disputed the result, alleging voter fraud. His supporters took to the streets of Jakarta in protests that began peacefully on May 21, but turned violent as the night wore on. Police used tear gas, rubber bullets and sticks to disperse crowds, while protesters threw rocks and set fire to structures, according to media reports. Jakarta Governor Anies ... more
  • 8 hours Survival of passengers after Kakadu helicopter crash hailed as ‘miracle’ DailyTelegraph
    A trauma expert says it's a ‘miracle’ three men survived a horrific helicopter crash in Kakadu National Park. Two park rangers and an external contractor were carrying out an aerial buffalo cull when the chopper went down. One man was able to free himself from the wreckage and call for help. Two men are being treated in Royal Darwin Hospital. The third passenger has been flown to Melbourne for treatment. Image: News Corp Australia ... more
  • 8 hours Australian man charged with supporting terror DailyTelegraph
    A Brisbane man has been charged with attempting to support a terrorist organisation after he allegedly supplied one of his relatives with video editing software while working in Islamic State’s media unit in Iraq. The man didn't apply for bail after he was arrested by federal police on Tuesday, and will remain behind bars until his next court appearance in June, facing a maximum of 25 years in jail. ... more
  • 8 hours Woman and child found dead at Wollongong lookout DailyTelegraph
    The bodies of Tanya Ludwig and her two-year-old daughter were discovered at the base of the cliff below Robertson Lookout at Mt Keira near Wollongong, police suspect a murder-suicide. ... more
  • 8 hours ‘I’m confident’: Albo’s pitch for leadership DailyTelegraph
    Aspiring Labor leader Anthony Albanese has reiterated he is the best person to lead his party to victory in the next election. ... more
  • 8 hours Have you seen this woman? DailyTelegraph
    Police are looking for a 47-year-old woman reported missing from the Gold Coast since last week. ... more
  • 8 hours Air quality reaches hazardous levels in NSW DailyTelegraph
    Health authorities are warning people with breathing difficulties to remain indoors as air quality in Sydney reaches hazardous levels. The air quality has reached three times the hazardous threshold due to hazard reduction burning in the Blue Mountains. Westerly winds are also pushing the smoke across the metropolitan area. Health authorities warn the smoke haze could aggravate existing lung and heart conditions. Premier Gladys Berejiklian has signalled she'll consider ways to improve warnings. ... more
  • 8 hours Universities ‘more interested in public relations and politics than research’ DailyTelegraph
    Sky News host Chris Kenny says the Green-Left is doing ‘all it can to ramp up the 'alarmist, whip up hysteria, mislead the public and corrupt our language’ in order to push their climate agenda. Mr Kenny was responding to feedback he received on a story he ran about the Guardian instructing its journalists to refer to climate change now as a ‘climate emergency, crisis or breakdown’. He says it's disturbing that there is a growing trend that universities and the media are 'more interested in public relations and politics than research.’ ... more
  • 8 hours Six killed as Indonesia protests turn deadly DailyTelegraph
    Security tightens as Jakarta braces for more mass protest on Wednesday after official results confirmed President Joko Widodo's re-election on Tuesday. Michelle Hennessy reports. ... more
  • 10 hours Desperate mayor promises ‘free Viagra’ DailyTelegraph |World
    A French mayor is handing out free Viagra to couples in his town in a desperate bid to boost the local birthrate. ... more
  • 10 hours Another child dies in US custody DailyTelegraph |World
    A 16-year-old Guatemalan boy died while in US custody in South Texas on Monday — the fifth migrant child to die since December, Customs and Border Protection said in a statement. ... more
  • 10 hours Rapist may be working at NZ Parliament DailyTelegraph |World
    An unidentified serial sex offender may be working in New Zealand’s Parliament, the country’s parliamentary speaker believes. ... more
  • 10 hours Child electrocuted by phone charger DailyTelegraph |World
    A child was electrocuted to death after placing the lead of a phone charger in their mouth while it was still plugged into the wall. ... more
  • 10 hours Jamie Oliver restaurant collapse: Italian Limited goes into administration DailyTelegraph |World
    Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's restaurant chain has gone into administration, partly due to increased competition. ... more
  • 10 hours Hamilton the Musical is coming to Australia DailyTelegraph |World
    Broadway’s record-breaking musical Hamilton is coming to Australia in a new theatre production that will hit the stage in March, 2021. ... more
  • 10 hours Glenn Maxwell speaks about his World Cup preparation DailyTelegraph |World
    Supplied video obtained Wednesday, May 22, 2019, of Glenn Maxwell speaking to reporters after the Australian Men's ODI World Cup Squad finished their final training session in Hampshire ahead of Wednesday's practice match against the West Indies. Maxwell says he chose to skip the IPL in order to better prepare for the World Cup. "I would rather be a two-time World Cup winning player than a rich player without it," he says when asked about the income he turned down. (AAP VIDEO/Supplied/Cricket Australia) ... more
  • 10 hours Céline Dion’s epic Carpool Karaoke DailyTelegraph |World
    Céline Dion has proven she can turn just about any song into a power ballad, even the infectious earworm Baby Shark. ... more
  • 10 hours Indonesia erupts with voter outrage DailyTelegraph |World
    Indonesian police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators in downtown Jakarta early Wednesday after a rally opposed to President Joko Widodo’s re-election, an AFP reporter said. ... more
  • 10 hours Meghan wanted a ‘famous British man’ DailyTelegraph |World
    Meghan, Duchess of Sussex reportedly asked her friend to help her find a ‘famous British man’ before she met Prince Harry. ... more
  • 10 hours Film trailer: Gentleman Jack DailyTelegraph |Ent
    Check out the trailer for Gentleman Jack. ... more
  • 10 hours Game of Thrones: Relive the jaw-dropping moments that made it the biggest show on earth DailyTelegraph |Ent
    These are the scenes that made Game of Thrones the biggest show on earth. Join's entertainment team as they pick their top Game Of Thrones scenes of all time across the entire phenomenal series. ... more
  • 10 hours Singer shocks with on-air sex confession DailyTelegraph |Ent
    Aussie singer Conrad Sewell didn’t hold back when he was asked about his sex life on 2Day FM this morning. ... more
  • 10 hours Conrad Sewell’s sex confession DailyTelegraph |Ent
    The singer shocked the 2Day FM breakfast hosts with his sex confession. ... more
  • 10 hours Nicole reveals how she made Meryl join cast DailyTelegraph |Ent
    Not even stars as famous as Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon thought they’d be able to convince Meryl Streep to join their show. ... more
  • 10 hours Hamilton the Musical is coming to Australia DailyTelegraph |Ent
    Broadway’s record-breaking musical Hamilton is coming to Australia in a new theatre production that will hit the stage in March, 2021. ... more
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